For the past twenty years I have annually engaged in at least one photographic seminar or tour.  I have never been disappointed in a tour leader.  However, I write with all candor that no leader has been more inspiring than Dale Morris.

Dale’s photographic talent is broad and deep and he generously imparts his knowledge to each member of his group.  From Dale I learned better ways to do everything from cleaning a lens to metering to composing a shot.  As a tour manager he sees to the smooth operation of every detail of the trip.

It’s inevitable that glitches occur when traveling in remote areas of the globe but Dale’s adeptness in the third world keeps the tours on schedule and on track.  Dale bursts with enthusiasm and humor and his passion for wildlife and the wilderness is contagious.  I look forward to my next tour with Mr. Morris.

Tim CoyUSA


Our private trip to Ethiopia was remarkable in so many different ways, an inspiring journey to different landscapes, beautiful people, ancient cultures, incredible food and so much more.

Yet it was Dale that allowed us to relax and enjoy these special moments: it felt like being accompanied by a professional photographer and guide who was also a long lost friend.
Thank you Dale, to the next one…

Roberto MarzialeItaly