Dale prides himself on delivering top notch quality copy and photographs to his clients, more often than not, well in advance of editorial deadlines. He never misses a deadline. Below are editorial comments from those who have worked, and continue to work with Dale Morris on a regular basis. Here is what the editors say about him :

“As a writer Dale Morris offers our readers warmth, wit and a much-loved voice. Accompanied by his exquisite images, it’s a killer combination. One that has won him several Caxton Excellence Awards including Best Cover Image, Best Feature and Best Overall Journalist.”

NITA Country Life

“Dale R. Morris has been one of our favourite contributors for many years
The arrival of a new Dale R. Morris commission in the Signature office is always a moment of excitement. What extraordinary journey will his article take us on this time? We’ve been by his side as he’s watched rare African wolves in the Ethiopian mountains, as he’s listened to the mysterious song of the indri lemurs in Madagascar and as he’s photographed fighting elephant seals on South Georgia. Every piece offers a new perspective on the natural world, with inspiring photographs that bring the experience to life for our readers. His photos illuminate an often-unseen or unnoticed world, and his ability to capture surprisingly human stories within animals and animal interactions is extraordinary.”

Cathy Wagstaff

“Dale has been a regular feature writer and photo portfolio contributor for many years.
One of the most beautiful portfolios we’ve ever featured in Getaway magazine was Dale’s Antarctic shoot. It showed humour, tenderness, delicate beauty, and a wonderful sensitivity to the environment. The reaction it got every time someone opened those pages was very gratifying to me as an editor. I once heard someone say, travel photography should be so good that you want to stroke the page. Dale’s images do that to people. Beyond that, he’s very good to work with: efficient, reliable, and he’s easy to talk to. He’s one of our top contributors.”

Sonya Schoeman
Getaway Magazine

“Dale Morris allows Asahi Weekly readers to venture out and visualize the beauty and wonder of some of the world’s less-visited parts, thanks to both his breathtaking imagery and his ability to tell the story in an exciting way. Mr. Morris’ work definitely gives our publication an edge over the competition.”

Kenichi Yamamoto
Asahi Weekly

“Dale has a magnificent eye and the unique ability to capture the familiar in a way that makes it enchanting and strange. He is a pleasure to work with and though his photography is, of course, the main feast, his words are often not very far behind. He is a great photographer and a hard-working, reliable journalist.”

Tyson Joplin
Getaway Magazine. Chief Photo editor

“Dale Morris is a reliable and professional freelance writer and photographer whose submissions always seem to exceed expectations. His images in particular always have that striking quality necessary in a quality travel magazine; a recent story he did for Vacations & Travel on the wetlands of Zambia became the lead feature in our latest issue. Add to that an informative, personal and sometimes delightfully eccentric and humorous way of writing, and there is no doubt Dale can come up with the complete package.”

Brian Johnston
Editor, Vacations & Travel Magazine

“Dale Morris has become a regular and much loved voice in SA Country Life. Dale is passionate about environmental and conservation issues, but it is his love and understanding of the people involved – and of course his exquisite photographs – that make his stories come alive.”


Nita Hazell
Editor, SA Country Life

“Dale is a model contributor – his photography is superb and his writing light and entertaining. But most importantly he understands the importance of meeting deadlines. Yay.”

Fiona McIntosh
Out There Magazine

“Dale brings a fresh and often left-of-centre eye to our magazine, Africa Geographic. His column ‘Bug Bites’ was extremely well received and helps us to realize how much readers appreciate the smaller creatures. He is reliable, takes deadlines seriously and is a pleasure to work with overall. I regard him as something of an AG regular � and long may that last.”

Sarah Borchert
Editor, Africa Geographic Magazine

“I enjoy working with Dale, he always responds quickly to e-mails, which is a huge plus. �His photographs and stories are always of the highest quality. We get a lot of positive feedback from our readers, who enjoy a well-written story with great visuals. Dale brings an element to Asahi Weekly that we wouldn�t have otherwise, through his safaris in Africa and expeditions and travels throughout the world.. All in all, Dale has added a lot to Asahi Weekly.”

Barry Kawa
Asahi Weekly, Tokyo

“I’ve worked with Dale for years now, both on Getaway and Men’s Health and is the IF (Ideal Freelancer). Accurate, witty, on time,deeply professional, he’s both a stalwart and, often, a revelation. He takes rather lovely snaps to boot.”

Peter Frost
Editor, Men’s Health

“Dale Morris combines strong, versatile writing skills and exceptional photographic ability with a professional, reliable approach. He is every editor’s ideal contributor!”


Kathryn Chadford
Editor: Garden Route Living / Sunshine Coast Living

“Dale’s unique style of wit really brings the places he’s describing to life and his features are crammed with relevant information. His photography is spot on too.”


Dom Toombs
Global Magazine

“Dale has written consistently for BBC Wildlife for the past five years and always produces accurate, informative and entertaining articles. His informed grasp on conservation and environmental issues, is vital for this prestigious magazine.”


James Fair
Editor, BBC Wildlife

“We would be in trouble without him. Dales work has filled our pages with color and humor for the past eleven years.”


Wendi Patrick
Editor, Costa Rica Outdoors

“Dale’s writing and photography have consistently infused our pages with life and professionalism. His dynamic style achieves a delicate balance through excellent reporting, observant eyes and an easy-going style that conveys confidence and good humor. He is an asset to our publication.”


Peter Majerle
Editor, CR Traveler Magazine

“Dale is professional and easy to work with. He writes with a real passion and concern for the environment, and doesn’t just pay lip service to “eco-tourism”. His pitches are always interesting. His photographs are nothing short of stunning.”


Carolyn Ali
Travel Editor, Vancouver’s Georgia Straight

“As a long term contributor to Wild magazine Dale’s articles have showcased national parks and nature reserves. Whether he shares his adventures in colourful prose or writes about biodiversity and ecology, his stories are written with a sensitive understanding of the brief. What’s more, he comes back from assignments with all the shots that make an art director’s day!”

Romi Boon
Wild Magazine