I’ve had the privilege of traveling with Oryx several times. The first was to the Omo Valley with Dale Morris. That trip was a leap of faith, signing up for it based on online reviews, a ‘good feeling’ – and little else.

What an amazing out-of-this-world trip it was. The arrangements were impeccable and Dale was a brilliant lead.
There’s been no looking back since then and I’ve been on magical journeys to the Masai Mara, Lake Turkana, Ranthambore/Varanasi and Peru – with Oryx. It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly organized these trips are, from the travel arrangements, accommodation, the local ground team, the emphasis on safety, and of course the photography ‘tuition’ – I keep learning new things on every single trip. All the Oryx leads are so generous with their knowledge and time and are absolute gems – a testament to Oryx’s corporate and hiring culture.
Oryx takes photography journeys to the next level. I have two more expeditions booked already.

Shyam ThilagaratnamSingapore


Have I woken from a dream or did I experience the most unique portraiture photography tour that is possible?

I returned home with the most beautiful photographs of daily life in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. I would not have been able to experience the immense variety and spectacular moments without the photographic genius, knowledge, and tutorship of Dale Morris. Every magical experience, with the tribes of the Omo Valley, was supported by Dale’s deep understanding and knowledge of the situation.

Even during traveling periods, Dale, with his keen eye for composition, was always on the lookout for photographic opportunities. I think his mantra must be ‘Don’t miss an opportunity!’ If there were herders with cows and a cloud of dust, or a mum making coffee, we would jump out of the 4×4 to capture what became a spectacular moment.

If you are an amateur photographer like myself or a seasoned pro, Dale is by your side to direct, suggest, teach, guide and critique, to get the most out of my camera and to develop your skills and understanding of all things Camera. Dale offered advice on what to shoot, how to work with the available light, and how to compose from a different perspective.

You won’t believe it was you, who managed to pull off spectacular shot after spectacular shot. He also encouraged me to search for my own style, and offered advice and compliments, based on pictures I offered for review.

Dale was extremely friendly, and encouraging, and has an infectious personality, with a quick wit and a deep understanding of the environment.

After having Dale, as a photographic guide, it is certainly difficult to choose another photographic tour. How could there be anyone as fantastic as him?

Thank you, Dale for taking me on the BEST photographic and cultural journey ever.

Trisha FinlayAustralia

Omo 2018

My photo tour to Ethiopia was simply phenomenal! I enjoyed every moment of it! If only I could press restart and relive it all again.

Dale was really a great guide. I could not have asked for more in someone taking our group to such ends of the earth. He was very knowledgeable and hands-on in making sure EVERYONE had a great experience and that we each made the types of pictures we were after. I can honestly say; his guidance sent my photography to new levels. I’m such a better photographer now. Even the feedback he delivered helped raise my game and the results are proof of his commitment to excellence. I would photograph a subject and he would be over my shoulder looking at my camera settings and my images. He would offer to rethink the image or adjust the light. And instantly the picture would become better. He also challenged me to think about new angles and to play around with composition. I’m so thankful for him. I really am! I not only became a better photographer under him, but I made a friend in Dale. I’ll never forget this experience or him. As I told Dale, coming to Africa this way was a dream come true. He took my dream and exploded it. He made my entire experience better than I could have ever dreamed for myself.

I can’t wait to show off my work to my friends, family, co-workers, and the world. I have tons and tons of brilliant shots. I think I’ll take a few of the best and enter contests and have them printed. After posting just 3 photos from my trip, I’ve got two inquiries about purchasing prints. That’s never happened before and I’m thrilled to see what will come next!

Derrick TaylorUSA


I had the pleasure of having Dale Morris as my guide and photography wizard on my expedition to the Omo Valley. The entire service was brilliant, from the initial emails and all my questions to landing in Ethiopia and the trip down south. It was a first-class experience from start to finish. What I appreciate and what I love most about my entire trip, was the care that Dale put into helping myself and others create the pictures we wanted. He along with a local guide, Henok, moved mountains for us every day. I walked away from that experience a WAY better photographer and I also left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the people of the Omo Valley. I would take this trip again and go elsewhere with Oryx. You really can’t get any better.

Dirk van HalewyckHolland

Omo 2018

I had a wonderful time with Dale, he has a great personality and really worked hard to help us get good images. He clearly cares about client satisfaction, demonstrated great patience, and did everything in his power to make everyone comfortable.

All in all, he was a great photo tour leader — and coupled with the top-notch service of your ground team, it was an enjoyable experience overall. The camp setting was also done very well — we felt like they really took great care of us and kept us safe, while not jeopardizing an authentic experience.

The trip was a challenging one given the logistics and precautions needed to go into a potentially dangerous area. But we were in great hands with Dale and his team of terrific local guides. Dale was helpful, communicative and energetic the whole time. He also deeply respects the local culture and people and brings his many years of experience as an ethnographer and animal lover to bear. His stories are also hilarious. We had one difficult traveler with us who was extremely ill but refused to leave the group – Dale managed to handle it very well under the strange circumstances. On top of it, he is an extraordinary photographer but does not get in the way of helping you make your best shots. We liked traveling with Dale so much that we have another couple of tours booked with him, that will hopefully resume after Covid.


Omo 2018

I’ve been on about a dozen photo tours and this was definitely one of the best-organized and best-led trips. Especially impressive given the challenges of the location.

Dale did an amazing job dealing with both the expected / inherent difficulties and I’d gladly travel with him again!

I traveled with Oryx (Dale Morris as trip leader) to the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. The trip was exciting, rewarding, educational, and fun! While traveling to this remote and challenging area could be difficult and taxing, Dale, Oryx, and the local team made it all smooth and simple. Having warm showers, clean beds (nice cots!), and hot, fresh-cooked meals in the outskirts of nowhere is quite an accomplishment, yet the made it seem easy.
Dale is a great person, with an incredible sense of humor – dry and British most of the time, but warm and caring as well. He’s also quite a good photographer, always willing to help, provide some recommendations on technique or composition, or just hold an off-camera flash as a human light stand 🙂 I’d happily travel with him again; in fact have two more trips planned.

Scott BlanksteenUSA