Borneo 2023

Thank you so much for your photographic guidance and attention throughout our trip. You did a great job at ensuring everyone was happy. And you saved the best for last. Danum was wonderful. Great food. Beautiful lodge. Pretty Birds, and a big male orangutan.

I’m looking forward to travelling again with you to Madagascar next year.

Irene JospehUSA

Borneo 2023

In my opinion, one of the strong points of the Oryx photo tours is the use of excellent guides, who provide outstanding support to travellers (also at the individual level).

For example, when shortly after the beginning of the trip I had a problem with my walking shoes, Dale had them repaired for me! Dale did a very good job with regard to both managing the trip (e.g. transport, accommodation) and providing support to my photography efforts. Although the rainforest is quite a difficult environment for wildlife photography, we had very good sightings of wildlife (including Orangutans, a large herd of Pygmy Elephants, Tarsiers, Storm Storks, and even a Binturong), and this was also due to Dale’s skills, for example in selecting knowledgeable local guides and knowing the right people in the nature reserves (e.g. when we had a great opportunity to watch a female Orangutan with her baby for quite some time from up close!). I intend to join another of Dale’s Oryx photography tours within the next few years.  

Hans Peter PlottGermany

Borneo 2023

I feel I have come away with not only the most amazing and beautiful memories, meeting firstly yourself and the others. All of whom I am so fond of now and will definitely stay in touch. I also feel I have come away with so much more confidence around my camera with far more understanding. Thank you for being so patient with me. I promise to keep at it and hopefully continue to improve. So thankful to you. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to make more adventurous memories.

Caren ElkinUK

Madagascar, India, Brazil, Borneo, Ethiopia

There are only superlatives for Oryx Photo Tours and guide Dale Morris. Dale is a Super-guide! He is talented, skilled, and hard-working. He has a great eye for photographic situations. He finds subjects from a mom orangutan and her youngster to something called a Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. He seems to work magic behind the scenes, making sure you, the client, are comfortable, and happy and the tour is meeting, and exceeding your expectations. If plan A doesn’t work, he has a plan B in his back pocket. As a companion, he is easy & fun to talk with, plus he has a terrific, dry sense of humor.I also know that when it’s a tour with Oryx Photo Tours, I will experience an awesome, carefully arranged program with minute attention paid to every detail assuring my comfort, safety and that I will come home with the very best possible images.

Chuck BellUSA

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Photo guide extraordinaire

‘My wife and I have traveled with Dale Morris from Oryx since 2012, on several personal and small group photographic safaris in India, Brazil, Borneo, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. The fact that we keep going back and seeking out Dale as our guide indicates we think he adds real value to our experience. Apart from being a great photographer, Dale is an easy-going, down-to-earth guide – but with a real passion for improving your photographic skills. Importantly, he is very happy to share his knowledge and is patient! He works extremely hard to provide unique opportunities for some great photography. We have captured some wonderful images with Dale. His attention to detail and real desire to make your trip an enjoyable experience sets him apart. Dale has a genuine passion for wildlife, and the natural environment and a love of being in nature, which translates into an infectious, enthusiastic approach to everything he does.
Dale really cares for his clients on a personal level and is fun to travel with. After many shared travel experiences over the years we have come to know Dale as a genuine friend. We would highly recommend him to others seeking an unforgettable experience and some brilliant photographic opportunities.

Alan HindeAustralia

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Dale Morris, Wildlife photographer, and Super guide!
Dale’s enthusiasm has given my husband and I the most exciting and in-depth experiences all over Southern Africa and Brazil. He cares most passionately for his wildlife subjects and for his customers – us! He arranges the best experiences we could possibly have and gently guides us through technicalities and tireless teaching for better photography. We have been on numerous trips with him and look forward to a time when we can do it again. Margaret and Leigh Hall

Margaret and Leigh HallAustralia

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Dale was an excellent guide. His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge of the wildlife and environment is outstanding. He was a pleasure to be with and we all gained from his photographic expertise. All four of us have traveled with Dale previously and will travel with him on another ORYX trip without hesitation.

Michelle HindeAustralia

Uganda 2023

It was a remarkable trip very organized with smooth transition to all activities. Dale was a delightful guide with a large knowledge base. He always made sure we all benefitted from each outing. Fred our driver was also a true asset to our journey. Always a smile on his face and also a bundle of knowledge. His driving was exceptionally cautious and safe trying to make our ride as comfortable as possible with the road conditions. They made a great team. They took care of everything, all we had to do is show up and live in the moment. This was my 1st adventure to Africa and will long be memorable. Thanks so much to Dale and Fred and everyone behind the scenes that made this trip exceptional. I would not hesitate to travel with ORYX  in the future. 

Susan StookeyUSA

Uganda 2023

Uganda The Ultimate Adventure

In February 2024 three friends and I took a private photography tour to Uganda. The trip was organized by Oryx. The main goal was to see Chimpanzees and Gorillas but there was a great variety of other wildlife on the tour.

The trip was very well designed and organized by Oryx. All of the lodgings were very nice. Beautiful rooms and settings. The food was well prepared and had a nice variety. Our Oryx guide on the trip was Dale Morris. I have been on several trips with Dale. Dale is on top of everything, Behind the scenes he is making sure everything runs smoothly. He is a fine photographer and is always there to help if needed. He is constantly coming up with unique ways to take a photo to make it really special.

We had a fantastic trip. We all highly recommend a visit to Uganda traveling on an Oryx tour led by a superb guide Dale Morris. We always felt very safe and in good hands on the entire tour.

Vic NemithUSA

Brazil 2023

I want to thank Dale Morris for guiding us on such a wonderful adventure, his warm spirit, vast experience and depth of knowledge are outstanding.

Together with Sergio Freitas we were constantly put in the right place and at the right time. That’s no coincidence and it’s not luck, it’s skill.

As a photographer, it’s wonderful to work with such people.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing another adventure with you in the future.

Duncan PhillipsUK