Madagascar, India, Brazil, Borneo, Ethiopia

There are only superlatives for Oryx Photo Tours and guide Dale Morris. Dale is a Super-guide! He is talented, skilled, and hard-working. He has a great eye for photographic situations. He finds subjects from a mom orangutan and her youngster to something called a Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. He seems to work magic behind the scenes, making sure you, the client, are comfortable, and happy and the tour is meeting, and exceeding your expectations. If plan A doesn’t work, he has a plan B in his back pocket. As a companion, he is easy & fun to talk with, plus he has a terrific, dry sense of humor.I also know that when it’s a tour with Oryx Photo Tours, I will experience an awesome, carefully arranged program with minute attention paid to every detail assuring my comfort, safety and that I will come home with the very best possible images.

Chuck BellUSA

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Photo guide extraordinaire

‘My wife and I have traveled with Dale Morris from Oryx since 2012, on several personal and small group photographic safaris in India, Brazil, Borneo, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. The fact that we keep going back and seeking out Dale as our guide indicates we think he adds real value to our experience. Apart from being a great photographer, Dale is an easy-going, down-to-earth guide – but with a real passion for improving your photographic skills. Importantly, he is very happy to share his knowledge and is patient! He works extremely hard to provide unique opportunities for some great photography. We have captured some wonderful images with Dale. His attention to detail and real desire to make your trip an enjoyable experience sets him apart. Dale has a genuine passion for wildlife, and the natural environment and a love of being in nature, which translates into an infectious, enthusiastic approach to everything he does.
Dale really cares for his clients on a personal level and is fun to travel with. After many shared travel experiences over the years we have come to know Dale as a genuine friend. We would highly recommend him to others seeking an unforgettable experience and some brilliant photographic opportunities.

Alan HindeAustralia

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Dale Morris, Wildlife photographer, and Super guide!
Dale’s enthusiasm has given my husband and I the most exciting and in-depth experiences all over Southern Africa and Brazil. He cares most passionately for his wildlife subjects and for his customers – us! He arranges the best experiences we could possibly have and gently guides us through technicalities and tireless teaching for better photography. We have been on numerous trips with him and look forward to a time when we can do it again. Margaret and Leigh Hall

Margaret and Leigh HallAustralia

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Africa, Borneo

Dale was an excellent guide. His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge of the wildlife and environment is outstanding. He was a pleasure to be with and we all gained from his photographic expertise. All four of us have traveled with Dale previously and will travel with him on another ORYX trip without hesitation.

Michelle HindeAustralia

Brazil 2023

I want to thank Dale Morris for guiding us on such a wonderful adventure, his warm spirit, vast experience and depth of knowledge are outstanding.

Together with Sergio Freitas we were constantly put in the right place and at the right time. That’s no coincidence and it’s not luck, it’s skill.

As a photographer, it’s wonderful to work with such people.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing another adventure with you in the future.

Duncan PhillipsUK

Brazil 2023

The Pantanal is quite an experience, the unique landscapes and types of wildlife and birds are unlike any I have seen before.  

Our photo guide Dale was everything I hoped he’d be.  His vast experience not only in the Pantanal but throughout his career was a highlight. He is very attentive to his guests and is willing and patient when you are seeking advice.  It’s so helpful to have someone make sure your settings are correct and you are in the right position to take advantage of the sightings.  During quiet times, he would find some subject to have us try out something different to expand my photographic education.  I love the bird photos we took that utilized backlighting the best.  At mealtimes, Dale’s incredible wit and vast wildlife experience kept us entertained, and are something that will stay with me long after my return home.

Pam ChesonisUSA

Brazil 2023

I have just returned from a memorable photo tour to the Pantanal under the excellent guidance of Dale Morris. The trip was very well organized. I welcomed Dale’s excellent guidance and suggestions for composition and camera settings, critiquing my images for ways to improve or just praise as “well done”!

I will keep all those suggestions/instructions at the ready each time I look through my viewfinder from now on. He made sure each guest had the opportunity to be in the “right spot” for the optimal shot whether on the ground, in a vehicle or on a boat. He kept us organized and well-informed of what to expect each day. I believe we all enjoyed hearing a few of his stories of the many amazing life experiences he’s had over a caiparinha at dinner as well as his wonderful sense of humor. It is very apparent he is in his element in nature, sharing that love and knowledge with us. He made great company as well as a teacher/guide. All in all, another great trip to add to my memorable moments! I hope to travel with Dale and Oryx Photo Tours again in the future.

Cindy FahyUSA

Brazil 2023

The Pantanal Tour with Oryx and Dale morris was an absolutely Amazing Photography Tour as was the previous tour to Madagascar I also took with him!

Dale is an outstanding guide.  The three areas Dale excels in are 1, knowledge of wildlife, 2, knowledge of camera equipment and 3, customer service. (In no particular order)

His excellence in these areas is always on display.    Throughout the tour, he regaled us with his knowledge of wildlife, from ants to Jaguars (or leopards).  His stories were so insightful and really added a depth to the tour I don’t always find on my other trips.    Dale’s attention to all guests is truly exceptional.  Without fail he worked with everyone on the tour on all shots, ensuring everyone understood the shot, understood their camera settings and why we should be using those settings.  Dale’s knowledge of multiple camera systems and a desire to really help the guests with their equipment is far above and beyond anything I have experienced on any other photography trip.  He really cares that everyone gets the shot they want or the shot of the day and that the guests are happy.  If there were any concerns or issues with any area on the trip Dale was very fast to try to rectify the issue.

Dale’s humour is infectious which really added to our group dynamics, keeping everyone laughing and mixing with each other.

Thank you to Dale for another outstanding trip!  Looking forward to the next one.

Michelle CalvaneseUSA

Brazil 2023

This was my second ORYX expedition with Dale, and it more than met my expectations.  As usual, Dale was a witty and very pleasant tour leader. He worked well with Sergio, our local guide.  Between the two of them, many interesting animals were located and identified.  They provided us with interesting information about each of the species we observed. 

As the tour leader, Dale was great!  He did his best to help each photographer find windows for obtaining images of the various species of birds and mammals that were spotted.  He always put the clients first, and his own photographic needs second.  He gave us lots of great technical advice and suggestions of ways to try to get photographs that did more than document the species we observed.  Dale did sometimes take shots and show them to us to demonstrate things that we could try.  I appreciated this.   For the most part, I am pretty confident in my ability to use my photography gear.  While I did not need a huge amount of technical help, I learned a number of things from Dale on this trip that will be useful to me in the future.  A couple of the clients were having difficulty with their cameras, and Dale needed to work with them quite a bit to try to resolve their issues.  I felt that he was able to provide the assistance they needed without slighting the other photographers on the trip.  Dale constantly engaged each of us to make sure we were doing well even when working out issues with others.   I appreciate the effort he put into each and every one of us to help us return home with memorable images, and, even more importantly, a life-enriching experience in an exotic place.

Dale also encouraged us to have some fun on this trip.  Although I am a fairly quiet person, I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the majority of the group and made some new friends. 

Jaguar spotting from an open boat can get hot under the tropical sun, but both Dale and Sergio were very attentive to our needs and made sure that everyone was able to stay hydrated by providing cold drinks and snacks.  I particularly appreciated Dale putting ice in my neck scarf to help me be less uncomfortable in the heat. I did not witness such attention to detail on other boats while we were lined up at jaguar sightings.  Dale seemed to be far more attentive and interactive with his clients than was the norm.

In summary, I can say that I enjoyed this trip very much and felt that I more than got my money’s worth.  I am looking forward to being a client on another of Dale’s photo excursions in the near future.  I can say that he is one of a very select few tour leaders with whom I will travel, and I can’t wait until the next time!

Arlene CourtneyUSA

Brazil 2023

What an amazing time I had in the Pantanal photographing wildlife from a 10-passenger boat – such a different perspective from a safari vehicle.  My sincere thanks to Dale Morris of Oryx Photo Safaris for your photography guidance (and teaching me how to photograph in manual) and your sense of humour is insane 🤪.  The Pantanal was more wonderful than I ever imagined.

Joanne MatsonUSA